Saturday, January 23, 2016

2016 The Year of Restoration

After a lot of thought my word for 2016 has finally been chosen.  My word will be RESTORE. Life for me these past 2 years has been a roller coaster of ups and downs.  You ever feel like when you take one step forward, life pushes you two steps back. Well that has been my life these past years. My energy, motivation, and body have been destroyed. Oh and my home, totally neglected.

So now that I am just about close to recovering from all my foot surgeries, I am ready to begin to RESTORE Me to be even better then I was when this all started.

I have made a list of some intentions that I will be focusing on for my OLW this year:

Restore My Body:

  • I want more energy. I am going to start exercising as this always gave me the energy I needed.
  • I want to feel and look better.  Get rid of the mid section rolls. Start focusing on what I am eating and make sure it is clean.  
Restore My Home:
  • I want to de-clutter! So I am going to purge what I haven't touched in years. 
  • I want to get organized. Put some order in my life so I can feel lighter.
  • I want to move into my new Studio.
Restore My Soul:
  • I want to finish the classes I bought last year and try and not take any new ones until they are completed.
  • I want to remind myself to have self control and not be tempted to take all the new classes and buy all the new art supplies. 
  • Develop a Mornings Pages routine to help clear my head.

My life may have been headed down hill when I turned 50, but this year I am going to RESTORE it back.  I am back in the game and ready to get it back the way it use to be or even better!

What's the story behind your One Little Word for this year?

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