Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Wrapping up 2013 My OLW Recap

Well it looks like I have had another year of off and on blogging.  Amazing how we set all these goals and expectations each year and then life gets busy and things just spiral out of control or time just flies by and before you now it the year is over.

Oh well guess that's life.  Having fun today spending the day looking back at all I have done and realized that I have accomplished a lot this year.  May not have had the opportunity to blog about it, but can honestly say I did make progress and looking forward to another year to continue my intentions for 2014.

Let's review some of the highlights of my year in 2013.

My Creative Intention was to spread my wings and try new things as well as continue to take classes to improve my art and improve my art journals.

 Here's how I did:
          Big Picture OLW - My word CHOOSE was perfect, as I may have not followed on with the                 monthly projects (actually lost track around April) I still carried the word around in my head and           continued to try and remind my self to CHOOSE.
          Facebook Calendar Challenge - Kept up with this project 10 of the 12 months.  Of course July            my vacation month and December well you know Holiday stress gets me every year!
          Dina Wakley - Learned to draw faces
          Brave Girl Art School Wings - Taught me that I can fly no matter what
          Brave Girl Soul Comfort - Brought out the joy of stitching in me again.  Really loved being able             to stitch on the couch in the evening while spending time next to my husband who likes to relax           after work and watch TV.
          Robin Marie Smith - Mail Art classes.  Loved how you incorporate your art into mail.  Makes               receiving mail more fun!
          Nellie Wortman - Creative Workshop Altered Fabric Book - Really stepped out of my comfort               zone and created 2 altered Fabric books entering them into my Quilting Guilds yearly challenge.             Received my 1st ribbon for participation and not sorry I didn't win, because I get to keep my               books.

My Life Intentions was tied to my OLW 2013 - CHOOSE as I really needed to work on being happy, having gratitude, spending time with those I love, being more healthy and make me a priority.

As I sat down to review each of my 12 intentions I realized I did make progress in most of them.

CHOOSE to Listen:  Made some progress, but still need to work on this.  I realize that when I am stressed about something I become defensive.

CHOOSE Attitude: Worked on this one a lot this year and make lots of progress removing my self from negative people and reduced the negative self talk.  Brave Girls classes really helped in this area.

CHOOSE to Learn:  I learned new things like drawing faces but didn't spend the time practicing as much as I wanted.  Also wanted to improve my lettering skills and never took this off the ground.

CHOOSE Organization:  Did some here and there thought out the year.

CHOOSE Fun:  This was about spending time with Friends and Family.  We had a awesome vacation together and visited family in France.  Life dream to take my kids to see my mom's home and family.  Also travel with friends to have fun and visited my sister for our annual sister time.

CHOOSE Health: Set a goal to get down to the 150's by my 50th Birthday.  Started the year focused but once the summer came and vacation, then work travel in the FALL, I lost focus completely.  My sister motivated me with her amazing transformation and made commitment in Dec 1 to start focus and never felt better.

CHOOSE SHARE: This was about encouraging others and doing good.  I like to believe that my positive attitude this year was spread to others.

CHOOSE Love: I like to believe I made progress in this area as it is important to me that my husband knows how much I love him.

CHOOSE to Finish: Finished up 3 quilts that had been started years previous.

CHOOSE to Live: Like to believe I did this as well.  The year went so fast and I really tried hard to stop and smell the roses.  Took a Mediation class with my husband at school which helped me to slow down.

CHOOSE Me: Made time for me, asked for help when I needed it.  Mom taking over my laundry and letting dinner go when I just didn't have it in me to cook.

Looking forward to another amazing year and hoping it doesn't go by so fast!

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