Sunday, October 6, 2013

Hidden objects behind marks

Today I attended a class with Dina Wakley called "Marvelous Mark Making".  This class was way cool!   Dina gave us a little Sumi ink, a chop stick,  a straw, a piece of string and a price of a credit card and told us to dip these items in the ink and draw using your left hand on gesso pages.

Sounds crazy doesn't it!!!
Well, scary as it was I proceed to add black marks with these objects.  After our marks where down on paper, we went around the room to share our creations and looked for hidden images within the marks.  It was amazing to see what showed up in everyone's pages.

Here are a few of my pages.
What objects do you see?
Well here is what I saw and was able to pull out of two if these images.
Thanks Dina, you helped me see past black marks and create beautiful images hidden within.

Give it a try, it's a pretty cool technique!

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