Tuesday, April 9, 2013

OLW April - Today I will Choose too...

Today I choose to focus on my One Little Word and actually complete April's assignment.  The last two months have been a blur for me and I wasn't so good at completing my assignments.  While working on my photos to connect with my word I came across on Pinterest the following saying that basically nailed my word "Choose" to my intentions.  All I needed to do was add my OLW and it sums it up.


Here is my Photo assignment that I completed using one of my boards on Pinterest by putting them together as a collage.  Special credits go out to those who own these pictures that I used in my board.
To help me focus and monitor my progress this month. I made a list of a few goals that align to my intentions.  Hoping this will keep me focused!
April Goals
1. Continue to focus on listening and being less defensive
2. Be Happy, Move forward and let go of the last couple of months setbacks.
3. Practice doodling
4. Organize one drawer in my craft room.
5. Get out and have some fun with friends.
6. Drink more water and reduce the sweets!
7. Make someones day by doing something special for them.
8. Get out of the house with your love and do something other then sitting on the couch.
9. Complete a started project.
10.  Get out and go for a bike ride.
11. Help someone in need.
12. Spend some time creating, let the laundry and chores wait.
Wish me luck, it may be day 9, but there is still plenty of time left in the month!
I'll check back in at the end of the month to report my progress.
Bye now!

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