Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Art Journal Calendar Project 2013

Eight days into 2013 and I am got my creative juices flowing.  Found this project while on Kate Crane's blog called "The Kathryn Wheel".  She has been doing this yearly art journal calendar for a couple of years now.  Since one of my goals is to be more disciplined in documenting my days. This seems like the perfect start.  You only have a 1x1 square for everyday, so less intimidating for those that just don't know what to write daily.  I often think my days are just ordinary and boring. Because all I seem to do it work, cook, clean, relax and squeeze in creative time.

Excited that this project statisfies two purposes: playing with my art journal supplies and documenting my days.

Here is a sneak peek of January Page.  I'll come back each month showing my completed month and the next months page.

Come join me it's not to late!

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