Wednesday, January 2, 2013

All it takes is One Little Word

Did you notice a change in my blog today?  I decided my blog needed a face lift to reflect my One Little Word for 2013.  Instead of making a New Years resolution that never seems to last anyway.  I thought I would  join the BigPictureClass with Ali Edwards where you decide on a word (mantra) for the year and focus the year on this ONE LITTLE WORD. 

I made a list of several words that popped into my head, like Choice, Choose, Breathe, Decide, Listen, etc.  Then I went to the dictionary and Thesaurus to study the words.  After reading each words meaning, the one that stuck with me the most was "Choose".  So that's what my word for 2013. 

I am working on my our first assignment and once I am done I will come back to share with you.  One of the first things I did to prepare was to put my word out there so I won't forget it and can see it often.  So now you know why my blog header changed.  I hung my word there, as well as made my self a bracelet to wear. 

Thanks to the skills I learned in Brave Girl Art School last year, I was able to put my Leather making skills to good use!

So that's my word and I am really excited that I can Choose anything I want 2013 to Be for me!!!!!

Happy New Year!

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