Monday, December 31, 2012

Saying Goodbye to 2012 and looking foward to 2013

OMG!!!! What happened to 2012 and my blog?  I am sorry everyone for neglecting my blog and followers. Life once again just got the better of me.  One of my goals for 2012 was to take lots of on-line classes and learn lots of new things.  Well looking back, I went overboard on the classes and didn't have time for my blog.  I did however have lots of fun learning new things.  Here is some artist that I had the pleasure of meeting in person this year in some of my classes in 2012.  It was really exciting to meet these amazing talented ladies and learn really awesome stuff from them.

Donna Downey - Attended her Inspire Weekend where Christy Tomlinson was the guest Artist in March 2012.  If you want fun and lots of laughs spend some time with Donna.  She nows how to have fun!

Christy Tomlinson - Love her She Art!! Sweetest thing ever! 

 Nathalie Kalbach - What a joy to be around.  She really made you feel at home!  Can't wait for another year of Creative Jumpstart! 
 Anna Dabrowska - Anna showed me that all that ugly trinkets in my junk drawer can be turned into beautiful art!
Dylan Reevley - The Dylusion Queen!  What can I say about Dylan but a blast to be around.  Lots of laughing and messiness with her awesome sprays!  And if you haven't seen her new Journals you better check them out.  Awesome goodness! 
 Special thanks to Everything Scrapbook store here in Lake Worth, Florida for having these wonderful ladies in your store.  It was fun getting to meet these ladies that I have been following in Blogger land!

Promise to be back next year to share some of my goals for 2013. One will be to spend a little more time keeping up my blog.
Happy New Year!

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