Sunday, August 19, 2012

Week 4 My Living Canvas

Progress has been made in my studio, as I am happy to report that I have finished Week 4 in My Living Canvas journal. This week was about the 80/20 Rule.

I created two pages in my journal to represent what the 80/20 Rule means to me.  

The first page signifies paying attention toTODAY and loving the everyday.

My second page represents TIME.
We all only have so much time in a day
and I wanted to remind myself that
I should make time for what is most important to me.
This would be my Family, my Friends, my Health and my Happiness.

Make it a perfect day,

Thursday, August 16, 2012

There is a rainbow forming...

Summer is coming to an end and I am begining to see a rainbow form.

 That is my rainbow quilt!!! 

 I started this project in the Spring and have been truely enjoying the colors as I build my blocks.  My goal was to finish up by end of summer and I am happy to report that I am close with only 4 more blocks remaining. 

I am going to try really hard to finish by end of August.  If I can complete 2 blocks a week, I will have it completed and ready to be assembled.

Here are the two just finished blocks this week.

Rich Red


 Happy quilting,

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Week 3 My living canvas

The process is slow but I am enjoying taking this slow.  My goal was to finish by end of summer, but not sure if this is going to be possible.  Not going to stress, as I am learning to balance it all!

Week 3 was about Vision 
 This page says it all, as I want to be true to myself.

My second page to represent my Vision is to BE BRAVE!
I found this really cool face in a magazine and loved the paint on her face, makes a great statement for being BRAVE don't you think?

I was happy that my daughter is getting intrigued with my pages and asked if she could join me in my studio to create her 1st ever art journal page. 

She loves surfing so she used a photo off the internet and incorporated it into her background.

If she just had a little more time, I can see her taking this to another level.