Monday, June 18, 2012

Slow progress in busy times

Today starts week 5 of the Living Canvas class and I am only in week 2.  The story of my life is busy at the point where sometimes it becomes impossible to have the energy to find a little time in my day to create.  But I try and make it possible as because after all it's what brings me lots of joy.

Week 1 took me on a journey into my past where I reflected on good times and bad, as well as decisions that I made that have paved the way to where I am today.  I have learned so many lessons along the way that I try and still apply to the way I live today.  I often remind my children that it is their life and the decisions they make will pave the way to their future.  So do what you think is right and not what others want you to do.  You ultimately have to live with your choices.

Here is some of my pages from Week 1

Week 2 allowed me to take a peek into my day to day and see if I was living a balanced life.  Well as you can probably guess, I was totally out of balance.  Week 2 is still a work in progress as  I work on some more pages to reflect how I am going to work on balancing my life.  It's not easy to stay balance as the demands of the everyday get in the way, but I understand how important balance is to happiness so I will work on having balance in my life.

Here is a sneek peek into week 2.

As for Week 3 you will just need to stop by later, as I intend to take this 6 weeks slow and enjoy the process.  After all it's summer time which means slowing down and taking in the sunshine!!!

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