Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Living Canvas Cover from Trash to Treasure...

I am so excited to finally get a chance to start this class this weekend.  My hubs and I ventured out to the flea market today to see what kind of treasures we could discover.  It was a hot day (92 degrees) but we enjoyed the adventure and both found some goodies to bring home.

I was looking for an old book to use for my Living Canvas class and he was looking for the usual, Match Box cars.

We both succeeded on our quest!

While rumbling through a stake of books spread out on a table, the perfect little book called "The Bridges of Madison County" caught my eye.  I remembered this story that I had read many years ago that reflected one great love, courage, sacrifice, and family. It was perfect! I had discovered a book that reflected the Living Canvas of Francesca and Robert Kincaid and wanted it to reflect my Living Canvas!

When I returned home, I couldn't wait to start my Living Canvas in this wonderful little book.   I found the perfect title for my book called "Write your own Story".  This will be my first altered book and I am so excited by how my cover turned out I can't put it down. 

Here is a close up of the bottom front.
 I made the leaves out of my quilt batting
and sprayed with Lettuce Color Wash ink.

I added to the spine the saying "It's the little things that make life Beautiful".  This is to remind me to pay attention to the little things because it's all these little things in life that help paint my life canvas!

Some words on the back to remind me to DREAM, DISCOVER, BELIEVE and IMAGINE!  All powerful words that also impact my life canvas.

Now off to start writting my story in my little book!


Vicki said...

I love all yout words, but are they stamps, rub on, transfers, or are you a master calligrapher? love it

Christine said...

Yes, that book is perfect. And I love that size to turn into a journal. Not to many pages so it doesn't get to thick.

I love all the texture and the colors. It's beautiful!!!

CK.Chai said...

This is simply gorgeous, I can only wow at it! Loving the texture, layering and colors. Beautifully work!

Lisa said...

This is beautiful!