Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Perfect Gift Card holder....

On this rainy day, I escaped into my studio to play.  My dear friend is celebrating a birthday on Monday and I'm giving her a gift card to one of our favorite hang outs! 

When I give gift cards, I really like to make them extra special.  I want the recipient to know how much they mean to me and spending a little time on creating just the right packaging makes that gift just a little more personal and special.  Besides they are special to me so it's worth the time and effort. 

I dont' know about you, but when someone goes the extra mile to wrap my presents, I feel good.  In fact, lots of times I can't bring my self to open them, because they are absolutely beautiful.

I got this idea out of the Sommerset Life Magazine Nov/Dec 2011 edition.  I had so much fun putting it together. 

It all started with some wax paper, my sewing machine and some decorative paper. 

 Oh how I Love sewing on paper!

I took some wax paper and created a little pocket folding in half and sewing up the side.  I used a piece of scrap paper from the dress to make a topper.

To make the dress, I simply free handed a dress form and stitched up the sides.  I used the gift card envelope and added some antique ink and a free Printable I found on Pinterest then added a few embellishments. 

Add a simple ribbon and Happy Birthday tag.

Tuck away in the Wax paper envelope to provide a sneak peak effect of what's inside.

Doesn't this look like an easy project for your next gift card? 
 Give it a try, it was really simple!

Happy Crafting all,


cinnibonbon said...

Lovely! And its awesome that you got to go on an art retreat!!

cinnibonbon said...

OHHHH It's not too late to start Project Life!!!! Trust me, I'm doing it... you can too, and if you want you should just start with todays date.. no real need to go back--although I have and it was fun and funny!!! Yes I know I have issues I do tend to take one picture too many--hahhaaa.
BTW I too have started art journaling and I'm in love...I went out and bought a few supplies, which to my surprise are not any cheaper than scrapbooking stuff..LOL. If you haven't joined Effy Wild of Book of Days you should, she's got a years worth of ideas and it's free. Plus she's such an inspiration for art journaling and there's even is a facebook group..ton of lovely women sharing their journals and thoughts--you should check it out. Thanks for dropping in!!