Wednesday, April 4, 2012

How I became a Soulful Artist....

It's hard to believe it's been a month, that I took a leap and finally attended my very 1st Art retreat.  I have dreamed, dreamed and dreamed again and again about going away to one of these events but the price tag was just to scary.  Well, when I saw that two spots opened up for the March 1 - 4th event, I decided it's now or never, so I jumped. I am so happy that I finally made the leap and now I realize that you can't put a price tag on this experience.  It's priceless!!!!!!

Having 4 days immersed in art with 24 girls that share the same passion to create that I do was breathless!  Let's just say I was in heaven and could have stayed there forever! 

Donna and Bill Downey made every single minute of this retreat extra special.  Let's just say they are the BEST and would not think twice about ever attending a retreat in NC with them again!  If you are on the fence, get off and sign-up for one.  It's worth every sent.

10 Top Reason you should go... because this is what you will gain.....

1.  A new family of artist Friends across the United States!

2. Inspiration everywhere

3. Delicious Food 
 Donna's mom did an amazing job with presentation and amazing cooking!  Wish I could have taken her home to make my Italian Hubby some home Italian cooking.
Oh and the desserts.... what can I say!  Yum!!!!!

4. Royal Treatment

5.  The use of all Donna's supplies

6. New Techniques (BJ's....wink, wink)

7. Shopping in Donna's Store

8.  A Hidden treasure in our Food..
This was not planned but pure luck because our hearts where all in the same place that weekend.  Miss you girls!!!!

9. A whole lot of Goodness waiting for you at your table.

10. The best part, I got to hang out with my two favorite Artist for 4 days.

Christy and Donna you are both awesome and thanks for getting me inspired!!!!  Love you gals!

Head on over to Donna's site and sign-up for one.  You won't be sorry! PROMISE:).  A Little Bird told me there was 1 spot open for her retreat in April.  I'd go if I didn't already have a commitment to my beautiful daughter.

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