Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ticker Tape Quilt Progress

Can I say I am having so much fun putting together these rainbow blocks.  The colors are just over the top gorgeous!!  This week I finished up two blocks.  I loved being on spring break and having the time of my life hanging out in my studio while everyone else is at work.... Oh Yea what a feeling!!!! 

Well, I was never totally alone, because I had my trusted pup sleeping by my side.

I had to put a blanket down, because if not, he would be on my lap and it's not easy to quilt with him on my lap.  He is turning into a little chunker and needs to go on a diet. 

Here is my two finished block for the week.


Candy Pink
Or I like to think as Bubbleishous!!! (not sure if that how you spell it but oh well)

Uhmmm, what color should I dip into next?

Happy Quilting you all!

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