Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ticker Tape Rainbow Quilt

For Christmas my quilting buddy gave me a book called "Color Mastery: 10 Principles for Creating Stunning Quilts".  While reading some of my favorite blogs, I came upon this project that Maureen Cracknell was making that she talked about on her blog.  I immediately was inspired and knew this would be the perfect project to play with all the colors of the color wheel and practice the art of color.  So I sent a text message to my quilting buddy to join me and by the end of the day we had our Kona fabric ordered and in the mail.

Don't you just love all the vivid colors!

A week later we were cutting and assembling all the colorful rainbow of blocks.  I love digging through my scraps and closet full of fabric stashes to find the perfect pieces to fit into my block creating a beautiful mosaic collage.

Block #1 Turquoise

Know I have to go do the dishes because instead of cleaning up after dinner, I went into my room to finish up this block.  I couldn't stop thinking about it all day today. I had placed all the pieces this weekend and didn't have time to sew them down. 

Tomorrow I get to start playing with another color, wonder what color I should choose, they are all so beautiful!

If you are interested, this happens to be a project from 2011 by Sticked in Color

Guess it's never to late to start!

Come back by to get a sneak peak of what color I have choosen next.

Happy Quilting,

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