Monday, January 2, 2012

I am off and running into the New Year.....

Did you notice my new side bar button?  For 2012, I am making a committment to "Move more and Eat Well".  I joined Big Picture Scrapbooking class being offered by Cathy Zielske that will run all year long.   I looking forward to her monthly lessons and motivation in hopes to keep myself focused on my intentions.

Our Pre-class assigned was to Journal our intentions and start our scrapbook.  I am going to do my scrapbook digitial, and then keep a Food and Exercise journal that I can carry around with me.

Here's a peak at my Pre-class assignment and the start of January's assignments.

Did you notice the red ribbon over my shoes? I learned about this ribbon on the Dr Oz show this morning. He gave 5 tips to getting rid of belly fat. The 5th tip was to make a belly band at the length of 32 inches. This is the ideal waist size to have a healthly belly.  I loved this idea, as it will give me something to shoot for since my mid section has gotten out of control and I would really love to see some curves once again.

I'll share where my Belly band reaches in my next January Assignment once I complete.  It will be a great way to measure my progress, as my belly reduces in size, my red band will begin to close the gap!!!!!

Here's to a move, grooving new year!!!!

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City Girl Turns Country said...

LOL.. I saw that same show.... I too am concentrating on being healthy... not loosing weight... It is about loving my body and all its flaws...