Monday, December 12, 2011

Picture the Holidays

Still trying to keep up with the Picture the Holidays group I joined on Facebook. 
 I am enjoying the daily prompts but it has been a little difficult getting the photo taken each day and uploading them. 

Here is the last couple of days that I have captured.

Day 2 - Reframing the Season
This picture was take in Time Square. 
 We framed ourselves just under the two
as if we are leaning on it the bottom of the 2.

Day 3 - All You Need is Love
Today was all about looking for a heart in your day. 
I heart cookies and thought that the mixer looked like a heart.

Day 4 - You hold the key
The key to my heart is my daughter and the joy
that she gives me everytime I watch her dance. 
Day 5 - The view from here
My view from Time Square

Day 6 - Every little thing
The littlest thing like having the room number of our hotel room be the date of my daughters birthday when we away celebrating that very day.

Day 7 - Express Yourself
My self Portrait of myself, as I relax at the computer after
 a long day on my feet in the kitchen.

Day 8 - Reflecting on the season
Loved how this shot captured me inside the ornament taking the picture.

Day 9 - It's a sign
I believe in the Magic of the Holiday season.

Day 10 - Twinkle Twinkle
The twinkle of little feet happy as the Christmas parade goes by.

What's your picture of the holidays look like?

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