Saturday, November 12, 2011

Inspired by color and talent

My adventure at the World Quilt show Florida III this year was amazing!  I walked out of there so inspired and wish could create such beautiful pieces of art as these talented  quilter's across the globe. 

Here is a few snap shots I captured during my journey.

One day, I am going to make one of these quilts!

 I spend alot of time on the Glorious Applique blog admiring the blocks being created. After reading the story behind this quilt, this women spent over 956 hours with over 1,600 pieces creating this masterpiece. Not sure if I have the time to get this done right now in my life to get this done, so maybe another time.

This quilt won 1st place for Best Hand work.  It was a crazy quilt, with all kinds of sheep and scenery.  The two close ups gives you an idea of the detail in this masterpiece.

Also tried out the long arms and oh would I love to have one of those, so I can finish up a few tops I have waiting to be quilted.  Brought the brochures home to hubs, but he did the usual. Calculated the cost to what I pay others to do for me and said "I would need to make 80 quilts before I could start to get paid back for the cost of the machine".  Why is he so logical some times, just wish he'd just say, "OK Honey.. What ever you want!" 

Oh shoot..... I'm DREAMING!!!!!

The shopping this year was not the best.  A lot less vendors with fabrics selections.  However, I did walk out with a bag full of fats to add to my stash and complete some collections I have been gathering for two future quilts projects on my list.

Peppermint Sparkle and Brighten Your Day by Piece o' Cake designs.

And to start doing something a little different that I've wanted to try which is quilting with wool.  I picked up these goodies.  Quick little small projects!

There you go, all inspired and ready to get some quilting done!
Want to join me?

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