Saturday, November 19, 2011

Creative Play with Donna Downey

Today I spend my day playing with paints.  Took two classes today back to back with Donna Downey over at Cherry Blossom Studio's.

I learned so much about applying watercolors, acrylics to Canvas and paper.   Donna really pushed our limits today, trying to break us of the fear of letting go and thinking to much into the process.

The 1st class was not as scary for me, as I have been working with Pan Pastels and really like the easy of use.  Also she gave us templates to use so I didn't have to draw something free form.

I absolutely love my three hears canvas.

Second class was Inspirational Journaling.   We received one of Donna's inspirational journals to start our own Inspirational Wednesday.  I have to tell you that this class was very hard.  Donna gave us instructions and gave us just a few minutes between each instruction to complete the instruction.   She started with us picking up a pencil and then told us to put something on the page within 2 minutes.  I froze and ended up just writing "I'm Stuck".   I panicked when I looked around the room and everyone was drawing, writing and not hesitating one bit.  Donna says usually the type A people get stuck here.  She was going to free us by the end of the day. So I went along and created my pages.

My pages are not completed, still want to add some more texture and dimesion but wanted to share what I did in class. 

The next page below was a lot of fun, and probably the easiest of the day.  We were told to get up from our table and set across the room at someone elses seat and only take our journal.  We were to use the supply's of the seat we sit in.  I was easier because we were not attached to the supplies so we just use what was in front of us and make the best of it.  Where I sat they didn't have 10 colors of paint, like I had at my seat, but one color (PINK).  Luckly for me it was my favorite color.  She also had lots of scraps of lace, again luck for me...I love lace.  I was in heaven so for 10 minutes which is all the time given, here is what I created.  I can't wait to finish it up.

Well it did get easier, but I definitely need more practice being free and letting go.  Just go with it and not worrying about perfect.

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Linda Jordan said...

Gorgeous pages!! I absolutely love the heart painting and the journal pages as well. Thanks for the inspirational words on my blog & I look forward to seeing more of your work :)