Monday, October 10, 2011

Meals for the week

It's week 8 of the school year and still trying to find some pleasing recipes to make my family happy.  Last weeks meals didn't get any thumbs up.  Looks like when I try the easy recipes, they just are not good enough.  I have to agree with them this time.  They were OK but nothing to write home about.

So let's give this weeks menu items a chance to get a thumbs up from the family.

Here's what's cooking for week 8....

Monday - Mushroom and Turkey Italian Sausage stuffed shells  from For the Love of cooking blog.

Tuesday - Chicken and white bean stuffed peppers.  This is a weight watcher recipe from  It's only 8 points.  

Wednesday - Taco night.  You see my husband has a thing for Cholula Hot Sauce.  He is always talking about Taco Monday at Bruz room where he uses their whole jar of sauce in one lunch sitting.  He keeps asking for me to buy the sauce and this week while walking the isle at Wal Mart I spotted the sauce.  So going to surprise him with Wednesday Taco night this week and the special surprise and very large bottle of Cholula Hot Sauce.  Should brighten up his mid week rut!

Thursday - Cheesy Chicken Chilaquiles from Pampered Chef 29 minutes meal cook book.

Friday - Think I am going to break it up and make Chicken Caesar salad night, that is if I am not to tired on my way home from work.  If so, then I'll hit the drive thru Pizza place after all! 

These were very easy meals to prepare as two where made with whole chickens already cooked. So prep time was a breeze.  After having to work Sunday my cooking day, I was still able to go into the office for a few hours and return home, cook and be out of the kitchen by 3pm. 

Hope they are keepers because I would like to repeat.

Bon Appetit,

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