Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fall is finally here in South Florida....

Since we don't get the pleasure of the beautiful changing leaves and awesome colors all you up north enjoy during this time of year, we here in the south have to make Fall happen by decorating our homes with all those magnificent colors.

This is my favorite time to decorate. Once I am decorated all I want to do is stay home and enjoy my home and the scent of my Bath and Body Works candles burning pumpkin spice.  I bought these last year and found I liked them better then Yankee candles pumpkin scent.

Any way can't wait to share my Fall craft decorating project for this year.  You see when I was visiting my sister in Orlando a couple of weeks ago, we went into Pottery Barn and they had the coolest chandelier hanging over the tables.  So I didn't what I do best...snapped a picture and went looking for an old latter to copy. 

And guess what I stumbled across the next morning at a garage sale.... Yes.... you guessed it.  An old latter. 

My hubs thought I was nuts, especially since he threw away an old wood latter probably about 6 months ago.  Oh, well for 5 bucks, it was a steal!

Don't you love it? 
I put some fall flowers in the Lantern, until I can find a battery operated Candle and some lights so at night I can light it up. 

I have it hanging over my outdoor table on the patio.  It's brings a little fall to the outdoors in my Sunny land of South Florida.  We are evening getting the nice cool breeze in the mornings and evenings.

Happy Fall you all,


City Girl Turns Country said...

Love it!!!!! It looks better than the Pottery Barn one and I am sure it cost a whole lot less.

Gerri said...

Great Job! Love it out there it will really liven up the patio and you can bring every season into it! Can't wait to come down!