Monday, August 1, 2011

3 Hearts Art Journal

Last week I started another online class offered by Christy Tomlinson called She had Three Hearts workshop. I spent most of last week watching week 1 which consisted of 28 videos that introduced me to a wide variety of art mediums and techniques to use in my journal. We talked about the heart we share with the world. It's funny until I watch the video I was not sure what the meaning of the three hearts was. It is so true that we so often share and act differently at different places of our lives.

I chose to do my first page with Pan pastels. I like the fact that you can create the page with no water and minimal mess. I used the only 3 colors I have and used a heart template that I had laying around as well as a Bird overlay to create the shapes.

My page has the 3 hearts that I am going to explore in my journal. I cut out from a magazine the words Family, Friends(world) and wrote our self in the 3 hearts to represent my 3 hearts. I also cut out of a magazine the saying PERFECTLY BALANCED BLISS and HARMONY. I felt that these words truly expressed how I hope my three hearts fit into my life and provide me with a life full of love and joy.

Ready to start week 2 video and can't wait to work on some more journal pages. Waiting for another package in the mail of some more pan pastels and other mediums that I am looking forward to trying out. They should be here this week.

If you have never given art journaling a try and always wanted to but felt itiminated by all the beautiful talent, I urge you to put that fear aside and take Christy's workshop. Great place to start! Jump on over to her blog to read all about it... 3 Hearts Workshop.

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