Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Check in

30 Minute Movement - Week 1

Habit 1: Move for 30 minutes - I did great in this habit. I was able to walk, bike, zumba and swim this week every single day. Had to walk in the rain with my umbrella one night and that is only because that morning I went to the gym at 5am, but I must have been still sleeping when I left because when I got to the gym (30 minutes away from home) when I realized I had forgot my work close and was in my PJ's. Scary but funny! So I had to get back in my car and drive 30 minutes back home to get dress and return to work. So instead of an early morning workout, it ended the day with a 30 minute walk in the rain. FUN!

Habit 2: Drink Water - Didn't do that great in the water area this week. Probably had about 3 glasses a day. Need to focus on this. It is really hard to keep water with me at work when I am running from meeting to meeting.

Habit 3: Limit the sweet cravings - well I had lots of sweet craving, and managed to give into some days. But my biggest success in this area came when my sweet little nephew from Georgia came in for the weekend to visit us. I had to ask him what he wanted from the Grocery store since I was running their before he came in. Little did I realize he was going to ask for the one thing that is a major weakness for me and that is Ice Cream, especially Caravel cake. Oh how I love those crumbles! Any way he got his cake and I resisted a slice, but secretly made my way to steal spoonful taste. I remember the ONE BITE RULE and stuck to it!

Habit 4: Stop Picking - So this one still not doing a good job at. You know it's a hard one for me. I just seem to have to clean every one's plate. Just hate to throw away that last french fry or piece of stake in the trash left on kids plate. Man I really need to walk away from the table and those left overs laying around. Work also makes it challenging when we fill up the food cube with goodies. Think I need to find another route and not pass that booth. I will try better next week.

Habit 5: Don't skip snacks - OK, I failed at this one too. Was good for a few days, but then the week got crazy at work and I before I knew it mid-morning was lunch time. I really need to figure out a way to bring my snacks to these back to back meetings. Any suggestions?

Scheduled meeting with nutritionist next week so hoping I can start seeing some improvements in my pants. They really need to stop shrinking, I just hate when they get so tight around the waist!

Check back in with me next week to see my progress!

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