Wednesday, June 22, 2011

She is in love!

Have you ever tried something new out of your comfort zone? Well, this summer I signed up for an on-line class called SHE ART Workshop by Christy Tomlinson and I am having a blast. I am surprising myself on how creative and easy it is to create beautiful art with all kinds of cool stuff.

For those who know me are probably saying "Oh, no.... that's all she needs is another hobby!" Well, I am hooked and added one more hobby to my bag of crafting love! Mixed Media/Art Journals.

I am only in Week 2, and have create 3 girls. I feel like a kid again playing with paper dolls and dress up! I have my husband even interested and says he could make a better dress then I. I told him, why don't you make HE ART to go with my SHE ART. Great concept, RIGHT!

My older sister was over last weekend and she saw what I was doing and got hooked as well. I am still waiting to see her finished SHE. She cut the weekend short because she wasn't feeling well, but I heard that her SHE girl is done.

Well, after all that I bet you want to see them.

Week 1 - My 1st She girl

SHE left her fears behind!

Week 1 - She finds comfort in her Friends!

Week 2 - She loves the everday!

There will be more, once I return from vacation and finish up Week 2 and 3. My daughter has already picked out the theme of my next girl! She wants one for her room.

Happy Creating all!

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City Girl Turns Country said...

love love love... can't wait to do one this weekend.