Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Studio

For my birthday, I got two embellishment centers for my favorite room of my house, My Studio. And while having fun filling them I got motivated to clean up a bit and finally took some photos to share my space with everyone.

Enjoy my tour around my really small space!
My new embellishement centers. Got most of my ribbons on it, but still have some on the shelf.
This is my desk space, where I do most my stamping and scrabooking. My husband built the desk for me. This is a book shelf that we found that completed the wall where the desk was, so I could store lots more of my scrapbooking and stamping supplies.
My quilting space. I have a old table against the window, so I can take advantage of the natural lighting and view of my back yard pool area.
Just to the left of my sewing table is some cabinets I found at Ikea that has lots of drawers for some of my sewing supplies. I have an ironing pad on top of them, where I am able to do all my pressing for piecing and applique work.
Next is my closet, and as you can see I really need a bigger closet. I have lots of fabric and it keeps getting harder and harder to keep it organized when there is just not enough room.
The other half of my closet, holds a mix of quilting, scrapbook and stamping supplies. The little baskets in the center, are scraps of fabric cut into various size strips (1in, 11/2 in, 2 in, 21/2 in) for future scrappy quilts.

I always love to see how everyone organizes their space. So I hope you enjoyed visiting my room.
A girl is never done getting her space just right, so I am sure that things will change once I get another bug to organize again.

Come back again,

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ohhh what a wonderful space!!! And you've got a handy hubs too?? NICE.
I think you have a great space and it doesn't look small to me.
I hope you had a wonderful January!!!!