Monday, December 20, 2010

Our Home for Christmas

With only days away from Christmas, I am starting to see things come together and get a little free time to take some pictures of my home for you all to see. I love the glow of the white lights in my home creating a cozy warm feeling, especially since we are experiencing an early winter for Florida.
As you can see I really kept it simple this year and tried to enjoy it, more then stress about it. I decided to pratice something that I struggle with and that is to "LET IT GO". It wasn't easy but I've almost made it. I am ok with not winning the lights contest last night. I am ok with not sending out Christmas cards.

Here are my cookies all completed and ready for packaging so that I can wish all my friends and neighbors a Sweet Christmas! I love this tradition and so do my friends and neighbors!

I am finishing up some special homemade gifts for my special friends, who like me adore anything homemade. Can't wait to show you them when I am done. But you will have to wait until they are delivered. Don't want to ruin the surprise!

Are you all ready for your Christmas celebration?

I am really looking forward to having my whole family here this year. It has been so long and everyone has grown up so much that I treasure the chance to all be together in one place.

Thanks to all for sharing your home this year on "Christmas 2010 Tour of Homes". I truly enjoyed stopping in for a visit. Thanks for stopping by to visit our home!

Have a very Merry Christmas!



Oh how fantastic! You home looks wonderful. That's alot in my book. I was super lazy this year and only put out the tree. Nothing else. And I'm ok with that!! heheh
I love you are "letting go". That's happens alot around here on bloglandia, we all tend to feed off one another and basically do as much as we have time for.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful x-mas home!!! I hope you have a wonderful new year--be safe.

City Girl Turns Country said...

Looking forward to seeing you and the rest of our crazy clan... for me it is all about just being together. After losing donnie dad last year, I learned to take each of of these holidays as the last.. you never know. See you in a few sis

Gerri said...

Wow it looks like a picture right out of a magazine. I so like the tree in the living room better. You've done a great job with everything as always and you've had the extra work of Mom and Dad's 50th so props to you sis. See you Friday! I love you!

Pearl Maple said...

Happy holidays to you and yours, thanks for sharing your post full of sweet photos and thoughts.