Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keeping the Faith

I am keeping the faith in my ability to get myself into a better place. This week has been going smooth and I have had not out breaks of emotions.

So as my page reads..... ENJOY the PROCESS...... THAT I AM.... IT FEELS GOOD!

Lot less added stress over things that just are and not.

Fighting them makes life so much easier..

My Journal pages

Day 6 that I didn't post yesterday Day 7... I am Keeping the Faith and Enjoying the Process

Off from work tomorrow for a play day with my friend.

We are attending the World Quilt show in Palm Beach for the day!

I can't wait to get inspired!!!!!
Happy days,



You're doing great girl!!! I hope you have fun at the quilt show....sound like a blast!


Hey girl

You hanging in there with us??!!! Best wishes