Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to all....

I am sure I was not alone today in the kitchen, as I would guess that there were alot of you out there getting ready for your Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. I got off work at 3pm today, and headed home to get all my cooking done, so I can relax tomorrow and enjoy some time with my family.

It's just after 9pm and I just finished up all my cookin, placed my turkey in the Brine recipe I got off from "The Pioneer Woman cooks" blog.
Thanks Ree the aroma in my home was amazing as I boiled the brine.
I almost didn't want to pour it over the turkey.
After hours of being on my feet, I had to lay down and rest because my back was killing me. As you can see when I lay down my babies have to lay down with me.
Guess they were tired of standing around in the kitchen waiting for me to drop them some treats!

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Be Happy Anyway....

Was over at Brave Girls blog today and came upon this post that focused on the ANYWAY. So today, while dressing for work, I was checking out my body in the mirror and some negative, frustating feelings started to rise. I immediately, started to critizie myself and give up hope that I will ever have a body that looks good anymore.

So thanks Brave Girls for remining me to ......

In the last several months I have been just living and not focusing on exercise, food and weight. In fact I have not stepped on a scale since the beginning of September.

And you now what, I don't want to, ANYWAY!!!!!

However, I will......

because I owe it to myself to not give up. I am just going to try and not let it consume me. I will accept the somewhat imperfect body that was given to me and take care of it as best as I can.
It is my Body, ANYWAY!

Grateful for life,

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keeping the Faith

I am keeping the faith in my ability to get myself into a better place. This week has been going smooth and I have had not out breaks of emotions.

So as my page reads..... ENJOY the PROCESS...... THAT I AM.... IT FEELS GOOD!

Lot less added stress over things that just are and not.

Fighting them makes life so much easier..

My Journal pages

Day 6 that I didn't post yesterday Day 7... I am Keeping the Faith and Enjoying the Process

Off from work tomorrow for a play day with my friend.

We are attending the World Quilt show in Palm Beach for the day!

I can't wait to get inspired!!!!!
Happy days,

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Be kind.....

Today was another amazing day, of positive thoughts and gratitude for me and others in my life. I read a post early this morning the Brave Girls Blog that Melody wrote and it hit me. We often are not kind to ourselves and to others and we should. Everyone of us carries with them some form of silent pain that we keep hidden from those we love and those that cross our pathes throught out day. Today I tried hard to read the silent signs around me and tried to have compasion for those wearing the signs.

I immediately thought of my big sis who in the past months has been carring around a sign that reads...

I see your sign sister and wish that I could give you the answers you are looking for. I want you to promise me that you will take time and read into your soul the signs that are there and don't make excuses for them. Don't rationalize them, accept them and move on from them. Healing doesn't happen in a day. You will heal, stay strong and the fog will clear and brighter days will come. You will come out on the other side a happier, stronger person!

I love you!
The next time you start talking about someone,
who may be acting strange or distance from you.
Stop and take a moment to read their silent sign.
You could make someones day a lot brighter for caring!
Here is Melody's blog... Read what inspired me today.
Off to rest, for another wonderful day tomorrow, I will share my journal page tomorrow, when I finish it up. I had alot of homework to assit with and didnt' have time to finish. That's ok, I am grateful, that I had the patience tonight to not yell and scream when I had to put away what I was doing to help my son. (Like my attitude change (smiling) it's is helping me stay positive and not feel sorry for myself).
Good Night,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Doing the Happy Dance....

I have completed day 4 of my 21 day challenge and ending my day with the Happy dance. Why because I have stayed away from negative self talk all day.

I let go of Self Crititicism and it FEELS GOOD!!!!

Guess what else made me happy today. I have been searching for months for a glass cover for my cake plates. Well today, I stopped off at the Art supply store to pick up some chalks and what was sitting on a sale table marked 50% off was a glass cake plate with top. And the best part it was only $9.99.

Funny never thought to look for a cake plate in an art store!
Perfect timing as the Holiday approaches I can display my treats in my new cake plate!
My Day 4 Journal page

Sunday, November 7, 2010

21 Day Challenge

Life has been out of control for me these past few months. I haven't been able to get back into my groove and I am getting worried as the Holiday approaches.

I love this time of year, and this year I haven't had much love to give to it and I so badly want to enjoy it.
So I have challenged myself to get back into the groove and stop listening to my negative self talk. I want to find joy in my kids, my husband, my work and my home again. I haven't stop loving them, I just lost the joy of having them around. And it is this feeling that I so desire to change. I want to be around them again and enjoy spending time with them.
So I challenge myself to stop the feeling sorry for myself, the talk that says no one loves me, or they don't care about me. I am going to start living again for me and them. I am going to treasure every moment they are in the same room with me and try and make some special memories with them before they move on.
I started this challenge three days ago, and just getting around to posting about it.
So far so good, with two out of three good days.
Here is a glimpse into my Journal....
Day 1 - My commitment
Day 2 - Love is Unconditional

Day 3 - Life is good, remember that!

Happy days ahead,

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Fun

I think Halloween is becoming more fun as I get older. It's not about the candy anymore but about the laughs of watching everyone in their costumes. There are some amazingly creative people out there and people I would have never pegged as a person who sews actually does.

Check out these Lady Gaga's.

This years theme for our department was Iron Chef International! Since everyone I work with comes from almost every country on earth and we love the excuse to eat. This was the perfect Theme for this year!

I was France to celebrate my heritage.

My husband and I made a Eiffel Tower and then I used curtains and setup a nice table setting to mimic a street cafe along side the Eiffel Tower.

There is not much you can do in a small space, but I was extremely happy with the way it turned out.

I made Crepes rolled in Nutella and cream....

and caramelized onion tart....

The food was absolutely amazing from Norway, China, Nepal, India, Russia, Poland, Ireland, England, Italy, Porto Rico, South Africa and more.

Even enjoyed some Cuban coffee at the Coffee stand....

Does that look fun!

As for the kids, my son to cool to trick or treat these days. Of course he still loves the candy, so I can expect to hear his sister on occasions screaming at her brother to stay our of her room and away from her candy.

My daughter kept it simple by using what's around the home to make herself a Ninja. The first year I didn't have to make or buy any costumes! Yeah!!!!

Happy Halloween!