Thursday, September 23, 2010

"Stitched in Time Mother and Daugther"

That's the name of my recently completed quilt. This quilt kit was purchased back in 2006 and little by little I worked on it between other quilting projects. I had decided that I had to do the red work to really complete this quilt. So I proceeded to complete the hand work on family car trips. Well at that rate, I was never going to get it done.

Mom who loves RED, was always pushing me to complete. So I decided to give her something to do. Complete the red work and the quilt is yours!

You see my mother was trained at a very young age to do beautiful hand work, but never really had the patience to sit down and exercise her talents. I am very proud of the time she took to complete between all her aches and pains and love the way it turned out.

Thanks mom for doing such a wonderful job! Enjoy your quilt that you help me complete, now you can tell all your friends you made a quilt!

Happy quilting,

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