Monday, September 20, 2010

The Results are in.....

It started 90 days ago, when my sister and I decided we needed to motivate each other to loose some much needed pounds. From a distance, we kept our blogs update on each others progress and tired to keep each other focused on the goal.

Well, I started off with all the energy and head in the game. My sister on the other hand struggled with the focus and didn't really have her heart in it. Until my brother-in-law, told her to throw in the towel and given in to her defeat. And it looks like he struck the nail on the head, because that was all she needed to get her started and her heart in it. Sister wish he would have said that sooner!!!!!

As for me, well...... I went into a funk and started going down hill about mid-way through the challenge. I did come to realize that a lot of my problem and probably most moms is one thing. Putting myself first!!!!! Once school started up and the schedules and needs kept creeping up, myself went last and by the end of the day, there was nothing left for myself!!!

Sound familar moms?

So here is my results of the 90 day challenge.

Starting Weight: 165 1/4

Ending Weight: 162

Total Weight Loss: 3 1/4


Total Loss:

Arms 1/2 inch

Chest 1 1/4 inches

Belly 1 1/8 inches

Waist 1 1/2 inches

Hips 1 inches

Thighs 1/4 inches

Total Inches Loss: 5.625 inches

All I can say is thanks sis for sticking with me on this and even if we both didn't meet our ultimate goal we made progress!!!!!

You are officially the winner!!!!! Is this what you still want? If not, go out and pick yourself up an your outfit and send me the bill!!

Keep it up, I love you!


City Girl Turns Country said...

Well, now you know it takes putting yourself first... now you need to find how to do it...Ask your self? what would my family do if I was not here? I am sure they would find a way to do some of those things that you do to make their lives that much easier. On a better note, you are down weight, now you just need to keep pushing. It may be a slow road but any lost is progress... stay motivated I know you can do it, you just have to know it.

So as for the winning outfit.. that one is no longer available but I did pick up a dress this past weekend that I fell in love with and that can be my prize.

Love you and I will keep pushing you from a far,.

Gerri said...

You always over load your plate, no punn intended. You are a 200% mom and wife before anything and you really need to come to Orlando the weekend on October 22nd to our Second Annual Sister's Weekend. Danni will have many more Band Competitions and you will need this time after Vincy's surgery. Think about won't be the same without you. Time for "yourself" is important.

Love your big sis.