Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where have the days gone.....

Up bright and early this morning the kids rise for their 1st day of school. High school that is! They spent the day yesterday getting all fresh and making sure clothes were picked out and ironed. I gave them all spa treatments last night, so their feet, hands and face where all shiny clean. They were cute walking around the house with PINK MASK on their faces. (NO PICTURES SORRY!) Then off to bed around 9:30pm. It was easy after getting a foot massage!

Do your kids have that 1st day of school preparation day?

My son has always been the planner, so my daughter follows behind.

It's 5am I am still in bed :) and they are out the door by 6am to get to school just 2 miles away by 7:30am. Do you think this will last? NOT!!!!!!

It's nice not to have to push or help them get ready in the morning. Daddy taught them from kindergarten to wake up on their own with their alarm clocks, make their own breakfast and get dressed. The rule was wake me when you are ready to go. See Daddy is not a morning person and since mommy was always out the door before wake up time, they had no choice but to get moving on their own. I have to say he did that right, because I don't deal with those morning get up and ready for school battles. They are well trained and self sufficient!

Don't they look great all decked out in their new clothes!

The senior boys had to show the little Freshman who was boss!!!!!

What happened to the day when I was walking them to the bus stop getting a kiss goodbye as they marched onto the bus with all their friends? It's a joy to watch them grow, but it is sad that they grow so fast. I am glad that I have captured those special days in their life so I can always go back and remind myself of those days.

Oh how it seemed like yesterday when I snapped this picture of them waiting at the bus stop on their 1st day of school in those elementary days. All these kids are now seniors or freshman today, not waiting at bus stops but driving themselves to school.

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City Girl Turns Country said...

Oh how they have grown... Hope Danni first day at High School was everything she hoped...