Monday, August 16, 2010

That's what I get for taking a peek.....

You see it all started on Friday after workout and I put on my pants. They felt a lot looser then last week. So I decided to not wait until Monday to weigh myself and jumped on the scale.

Curitosity got me!!!!!
Let's just say, my smile was a mile long! Pleased with how my week at gone and was ready to keep that pace all weekend so when Monday morning weigh in came I would be shouting my success from the roof tops! I had broken down the 160 barrier finally after hanging there for several weeks.



I got a little ahead of myself and must have been just having one of those skinny days on Friday, because this morning that dame 160 raised it's ugly head once again this week.

Augh, that hurt! Sad part, I even got off the scale, went pee and tried again. No change!

So instead of sitting there wishing and adjusting my weight on the scale to make it change, I decided to get off and look in the mirror at how loose my clothes are on me. What did I see? RESULTS, baggy pants hanging on my hips instead of creating a pillow top.

I turned my bad news, into good news and I am feeling ready for another challenging week and will get under that 160, even it it takes me to the end of this challenge with lil sis.

So as my pants shows, as of week 7 I may have not removed any more weight, but the measurements are dropping and my body feels alive and healthy! Inches away!!!!!! Look at all that GREEN. (Green means positive change!)

Week 7

Weight 160

Total Loss 8 lbs

PS. Sis, don't give up, look for some postitive in your week and keep on fighting! You and I can do this! I know you have it in you!

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City Girl Turns Country said...

Oh I know that feeling... one day down next day up.... I am so happy you are feeling good about your accomplishments. I know from my last big weight drop how good that feeling is... I also know that if your head is not in the game it will not happen... Stay focused...