Monday, August 30, 2010

On an upward battle.....

Today is weigh in day and I didn't get to go to the gym due bad storms preventing me from getting gas last night so I can rise bright and early for my workout before work.

So I stopped in before heading to the office to jump on the scale and see the results of my week. Now my week was perfect, did all the right things and got in all days of exercise. My pants where falling off me. I felt wonderful!!!!!!

So what happened, I gained another pound bringing me to 164 and heading right back where I started this challenge.

Am I upset, yes at times because I would love to say I am 159, but happy that my clothes are falling off me and no longer have those red marks around my waist from tight pants.

What am I going to do? Just keep exercising and eating right, because I feel great!!! I am betting that my body fat has turned to muscle and that is the reaason for the gain. At least a girl can only hope that is the explaination for the increase on the scale. RIGHT?

Here's to another week sis, and hoping you are still seeing those wonderful results!!!!

Only 3 weeks remaining of our challenge but a lifetime of

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Farmgirl Paints said...

Oh girlie...I can so relate with this one. I have battled with weight issues my whole life...up one day and down the next. That scale is evil. I recently have lost some weight and have been doing pretty good keeping it off, but summer is a little sabotaging. Getting back to really doing my best this week. Girls start school. Anyway keep on keepin' on and don't ever give up. It's definitely a lifestyle change:)

Oh and thank you so much for your sweet words to me the other day. You totally blessed my socks off!!! I can't believe you are crushin' on ME and called your sister...ha! You seriously made my head explode:)