Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh Joy! Weigh in day again!!!!!

It's Monday morning and up at 5am to fit in my gym time and get on that scale to see if I have succeeded once again this week in dropping just another pound or two. After splurging on a Banana cake sundae on Saturday night with my family at our family gathering, I can only hope that I didn't blow it! Of course, it was sooooo good!

I did good all week and was back on track with my 5 days of exercise. Zumba this week was kick A--! She worked us hard and I felt it the next day!

So what's the results.....Drum roll please!!!!!

Not a pound gained or lost! Still sitting at 160.
Oh well, I knew that it wouldn't be easy to drop under that 160 mark.
So Here's to another week!

"With a little more focus, a little less cheating, and a lot more weight loss!"


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