Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My play day.....

It has been over a year since my crafty friend and I got together and spent the day playing and talking about life and all. Sunday was a raining day in sunny Florida, making it the perfect day to stay indoors and create. We spent the afternoon catching up and dreaming about all the crafty excursions that we would one day take.

Then in comes her hubby with the best Cappuccino in the world. And coming from me who doesn't drink coffee that speaks volume!

Don't you love the sweet touch he added with the cookie and sunflower doily! Yummy!

I only completed 6 cards, because we did a lot of talking and sharing stories and are inspirations ideas we have stashed away.

Here are the my card creations for the day. I worked on Birthday cards, since you can never have enough, and my stash was just about empty.

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Gerri said...

So I'm guessing my sister has been really busy since her Play Day no posts in a while. Being Super Mom, Wife and Employee leaves little fun for Christine huh? You really need to joing Nat and I in Mt. Dora sister.....