Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's think about it.....

It's time to stop and think about why we don't loose weight when we say we tried. So today, since I remained once again at the 160 mark, I need to look back at what I am doing and see why. Or at least figure out what I can change or at least be better at to get me past this milestone.

So here is the recap of my week..

1. Didn't write down what I ate.
2. Had a chocolate cup cake for Mr Moran's birthday celebration.
3. Went out to lunch for Taco Tuesday.
4. Snacked on some Peanut butter Pretzels.
5. Missed some of my mid afternoon snacks.
6. Went out to dinner for Gyros!
7. Had some homemade Peach Pie.
8. Nibbled on some cookies( Which dad, pointed out to me, Thanks DAD!)
9. Didn't drink but about 1 glass of water a day.
10.Started lifting weights.

So what does my behavior say for this week? It tells me that I wasn't that focused, so I am lucky that I didn't gain and better start focusing again or I will.

So this week, I am going to try and keep my food journal again. It has been since vacation since I have kept it. Also drink more water! I have been so busy that I forget to drink. This is so important and I know it, it just getting to that water fountain for a refill.

The the biggest challange for me this week will be to stop eating the sugar!

With these changes, I hope to get my butt back on track and get dropping once again!

Hope my little sis, had a better week. If anything eating right and exercising is a reward in itself! Celebrate THAT!

Weight: 160
Total Loss: 8 lbs

Here's to a better week and a goodbye to at least a pound!

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City Girl Turns Country said...

How come it is when you have a bad week, you stay the same and I gain... Refocus.. Refocus.. Refocus, the story of my life. And no, you do not have my first pair of lucky jeans. Those are stored away for one of those days.