Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's a dog's life......

Meet Buster, he is turning 4 in a couple of days and is an only dog. Yeap, no friends to play with except the dogs that pass by his fence on their evening or morning walks. Don't get me wrong, he is a fun loving happy dog but his Daddy thinks he needs a friend to hang out and play with. Especially when the family is away.

So the search began for Buster's friend. We filled out the Doxie adoption application so we could rescue a dog, but they wouldn't let us have a dog, because of Buster. So we searched Craig's list and the other night just posted was Roxy.

She was living with a young family who never owned a dog before. They had two small children and it was becoming overwelming for the family to keep up with the Dog and the kids. So they decided to give her away. Lucky us, because so far she has taken to her new home and family very quick.

She looks very happy even when Buster is bothering her. You now what I mean!

So with out further adue....... Meet Buster's 4th Birthday present..... ROXY. She is 7 months old and a full size Doxie. Good for her, because for being still a pup Buster is not to much to handle since she has height on him.

RUF...RUF.... Buster is one happy camper with his new friend ROXY!!!!!!


Marie said...

They are beautiful. We had a pair (black and tan and a red) named Humphrey and Sam. They were the absolute best of friends.

City Girl Turns Country said...

your new baby is cute... looks like CJ a little.