Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My play day.....

It has been over a year since my crafty friend and I got together and spent the day playing and talking about life and all. Sunday was a raining day in sunny Florida, making it the perfect day to stay indoors and create. We spent the afternoon catching up and dreaming about all the crafty excursions that we would one day take.

Then in comes her hubby with the best Cappuccino in the world. And coming from me who doesn't drink coffee that speaks volume!

Don't you love the sweet touch he added with the cookie and sunflower doily! Yummy!

I only completed 6 cards, because we did a lot of talking and sharing stories and are inspirations ideas we have stashed away.

Here are the my card creations for the day. I worked on Birthday cards, since you can never have enough, and my stash was just about empty.

Monday, August 30, 2010

On an upward battle.....

Today is weigh in day and I didn't get to go to the gym due bad storms preventing me from getting gas last night so I can rise bright and early for my workout before work.

So I stopped in before heading to the office to jump on the scale and see the results of my week. Now my week was perfect, did all the right things and got in all days of exercise. My pants where falling off me. I felt wonderful!!!!!!

So what happened, I gained another pound bringing me to 164 and heading right back where I started this challenge.

Am I upset, yes at times because I would love to say I am 159, but happy that my clothes are falling off me and no longer have those red marks around my waist from tight pants.

What am I going to do? Just keep exercising and eating right, because I feel great!!! I am betting that my body fat has turned to muscle and that is the reaason for the gain. At least a girl can only hope that is the explaination for the increase on the scale. RIGHT?

Here's to another week sis, and hoping you are still seeing those wonderful results!!!!

Only 3 weeks remaining of our challenge but a lifetime of

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wouldn't you just love to cuddle up in these colors....

There is something about the colors that Joanna Figueroa over at Fig Tree & Co that makes me just want to cuddle up in. I am always over at her site just looking at the fabric and colors. They warm my heart and are so calming!!!!
Any way today, I got an email telling me about a giveaway that she is having for end of summer and I just had to share, because just maybe I might be so lucky and win.

Go check it out.... Fresh Fig Blog.

I recently just bought some of her fabrics lines Mill House Inn and Gypsy Rose and can't wait to get started on them once I finish up some of my Work in Progress.

Happy Quilting,

Monday, August 23, 2010

What a week.....

Don't ask me how I was doing or I would bite your head off. Don't talk to me or my claws will come out. Just stay away and leave me alone.

Well that is how I was feeling last week and not sure what brought this mood on. But baby it was on!!!!!

The only down side, is that when I am in this kind of FUNK, the eating and I don't care attitude kicks in big time!

So results, up 3 lbs. Leaving me at a weigh of 163 lbs for the week.

Now, as of today, the FUNK is still kinda there, and I am trying my best to get out of it and I hope I do before get back to where I started on the scale.

Sorry for the short post, but I am not in the mood!!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Where have the days gone.....

Up bright and early this morning the kids rise for their 1st day of school. High school that is! They spent the day yesterday getting all fresh and making sure clothes were picked out and ironed. I gave them all spa treatments last night, so their feet, hands and face where all shiny clean. They were cute walking around the house with PINK MASK on their faces. (NO PICTURES SORRY!) Then off to bed around 9:30pm. It was easy after getting a foot massage!

Do your kids have that 1st day of school preparation day?

My son has always been the planner, so my daughter follows behind.

It's 5am I am still in bed :) and they are out the door by 6am to get to school just 2 miles away by 7:30am. Do you think this will last? NOT!!!!!!

It's nice not to have to push or help them get ready in the morning. Daddy taught them from kindergarten to wake up on their own with their alarm clocks, make their own breakfast and get dressed. The rule was wake me when you are ready to go. See Daddy is not a morning person and since mommy was always out the door before wake up time, they had no choice but to get moving on their own. I have to say he did that right, because I don't deal with those morning get up and ready for school battles. They are well trained and self sufficient!

Don't they look great all decked out in their new clothes!

The senior boys had to show the little Freshman who was boss!!!!!

What happened to the day when I was walking them to the bus stop getting a kiss goodbye as they marched onto the bus with all their friends? It's a joy to watch them grow, but it is sad that they grow so fast. I am glad that I have captured those special days in their life so I can always go back and remind myself of those days.

Oh how it seemed like yesterday when I snapped this picture of them waiting at the bus stop on their 1st day of school in those elementary days. All these kids are now seniors or freshman today, not waiting at bus stops but driving themselves to school.

Monday, August 16, 2010

That's what I get for taking a peek.....

You see it all started on Friday after workout and I put on my pants. They felt a lot looser then last week. So I decided to not wait until Monday to weigh myself and jumped on the scale.

Curitosity got me!!!!!
Let's just say, my smile was a mile long! Pleased with how my week at gone and was ready to keep that pace all weekend so when Monday morning weigh in came I would be shouting my success from the roof tops! I had broken down the 160 barrier finally after hanging there for several weeks.



I got a little ahead of myself and must have been just having one of those skinny days on Friday, because this morning that dame 160 raised it's ugly head once again this week.

Augh, that hurt! Sad part, I even got off the scale, went pee and tried again. No change!

So instead of sitting there wishing and adjusting my weight on the scale to make it change, I decided to get off and look in the mirror at how loose my clothes are on me. What did I see? RESULTS, baggy pants hanging on my hips instead of creating a pillow top.

I turned my bad news, into good news and I am feeling ready for another challenging week and will get under that 160, even it it takes me to the end of this challenge with lil sis.

So as my pants shows, as of week 7 I may have not removed any more weight, but the measurements are dropping and my body feels alive and healthy! Inches away!!!!!! Look at all that GREEN. (Green means positive change!)

Week 7

Weight 160

Total Loss 8 lbs

PS. Sis, don't give up, look for some postitive in your week and keep on fighting! You and I can do this! I know you have it in you!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

It's a dog's life......

Meet Buster, he is turning 4 in a couple of days and is an only dog. Yeap, no friends to play with except the dogs that pass by his fence on their evening or morning walks. Don't get me wrong, he is a fun loving happy dog but his Daddy thinks he needs a friend to hang out and play with. Especially when the family is away.

So the search began for Buster's friend. We filled out the Doxie adoption application so we could rescue a dog, but they wouldn't let us have a dog, because of Buster. So we searched Craig's list and the other night just posted was Roxy.

She was living with a young family who never owned a dog before. They had two small children and it was becoming overwelming for the family to keep up with the Dog and the kids. So they decided to give her away. Lucky us, because so far she has taken to her new home and family very quick.

She looks very happy even when Buster is bothering her. You now what I mean!

So with out further adue....... Meet Buster's 4th Birthday present..... ROXY. She is 7 months old and a full size Doxie. Good for her, because for being still a pup Buster is not to much to handle since she has height on him.

RUF...RUF.... Buster is one happy camper with his new friend ROXY!!!!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Let's think about it.....

It's time to stop and think about why we don't loose weight when we say we tried. So today, since I remained once again at the 160 mark, I need to look back at what I am doing and see why. Or at least figure out what I can change or at least be better at to get me past this milestone.

So here is the recap of my week..

1. Didn't write down what I ate.
2. Had a chocolate cup cake for Mr Moran's birthday celebration.
3. Went out to lunch for Taco Tuesday.
4. Snacked on some Peanut butter Pretzels.
5. Missed some of my mid afternoon snacks.
6. Went out to dinner for Gyros!
7. Had some homemade Peach Pie.
8. Nibbled on some cookies( Which dad, pointed out to me, Thanks DAD!)
9. Didn't drink but about 1 glass of water a day.
10.Started lifting weights.

So what does my behavior say for this week? It tells me that I wasn't that focused, so I am lucky that I didn't gain and better start focusing again or I will.

So this week, I am going to try and keep my food journal again. It has been since vacation since I have kept it. Also drink more water! I have been so busy that I forget to drink. This is so important and I know it, it just getting to that water fountain for a refill.

The the biggest challange for me this week will be to stop eating the sugar!

With these changes, I hope to get my butt back on track and get dropping once again!

Hope my little sis, had a better week. If anything eating right and exercising is a reward in itself! Celebrate THAT!

Weight: 160
Total Loss: 8 lbs

Here's to a better week and a goodbye to at least a pound!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Confession of the WIP Queen

I am coming clean...... I love to start them, get bored, start another, and another and finish one here and there!
Am I alone or are all quilters this guilty?

You see at the beginning of the summer I was excited to be free of homework, taxi service and all the other little things I do for the kids during the school year. I couldn't wait to finally have time to quilt. Well with just days away from summer's end and school starting up looks like I won't be completing all the WIP's that I had hoped to finish this summer.

Here is what I have left and only a few weeks to complete up?

Mom's Redwork Quilt:
Just need to make scallop edges, add binding and quilt border.

Summer Table runner:
I made this table runner last summer and never got around to quilting it. Do you think I should just sit down and quilt this little table runner so it is ready for next summer?

Home and Heart:
I bought this jelly roll last year and in January when my class with Kim Diehl was cancelled I decided to start some of the blocks. Well, as filler between quilts it was an easy one to whip up blocks when I had little time during the weeks. I only have about 2 blocks left to make, then I can assemble the whole top.
Passion Flowers:

This one I started this summer, because my quilting buddy did one and I fell in love with it. I can only hope mine will turn out as beautiful as hers. Her quilts inspire me! Started collecting blues and reds and little by little I am close to completing the flower. Still auditioning the flowers before sewing the final applique pieces.

Do you think I have my work cut out for me in the next two weeks. The sad part, these are not the only WIP's I have in my closet waiting for me to finish up!

OK --- now that I got that off my chest, I can't wait to start the new kit I bought while on vacation in Hersey, PA at a cute Quilt shop that I visited called "Quilt Makers Cottage" thanks to my iphone navigation system. The coolest thing was that they just happend to be featured in the Spring/Summer 2010 Quilt Sampler Magazine. So I was able to get an autograph copy of the magazine and see 1st hand the beautiful quilts that they had featured in the magazine. I must say, they were even more beautiful up close! Pickup the addition, there are some nice shops featured around the United States, that just might be in your neck of the woods, or you pass by on your travels.
Back to finishing up my WIP's,

Monday, August 2, 2010

Oh Joy! Weigh in day again!!!!!

It's Monday morning and up at 5am to fit in my gym time and get on that scale to see if I have succeeded once again this week in dropping just another pound or two. After splurging on a Banana cake sundae on Saturday night with my family at our family gathering, I can only hope that I didn't blow it! Of course, it was sooooo good!

I did good all week and was back on track with my 5 days of exercise. Zumba this week was kick A--! She worked us hard and I felt it the next day!

So what's the results.....Drum roll please!!!!!

Not a pound gained or lost! Still sitting at 160.
Oh well, I knew that it wouldn't be easy to drop under that 160 mark.
So Here's to another week!

"With a little more focus, a little less cheating, and a lot more weight loss!"