Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy 4th of July America!!!!

Well the weekend is finally here and we are looking forward to spending the weekend with family, fun, and fireworks! We are so ready for a break after the mess on Fathers day with my freaked out Washing machine. I can't figure out what it's problem was on Fathers day, because she is working just fine since that miserable day. My poor husband, not one of his best fathers days!

Finished up my 4th of July mini quilt just in time for the 4th, to bad I won't be home for the weekend to enjoy! I love it!!!!! Don't you?
Wishing all a save and fun filled 4th of July!!!!


Ivory Spring said...


Thanks for visiting me and sharing your perspective on why you quilt.

Your patriotic quilts are perfect for this weekend.

{ L } said...

OMGness!! What a crazy mess. :-/ BUT your quilt is absolutely beautiful. I've always admired quilters.