Monday, July 26, 2010

Had my Cake and Lost it 2......

Yeap you read that right! I lost 2 pounds this week and have know clue how but I am not complaining. I did nothing this past week but eat Birthday cake, and only exercised 3 days. Even my meals where the the ones you get in the frozen food section in a bag. This past week was just one crazy week and dealing with demands at work as well as a boy getting ready to turn 18. You now what that means, the agurements start and the I am an adult and you can't tell me this and that start. I have been dreading these days, when he starts throwing the 18 adult card at us. Well it's started and can't wait till these years are past. It's not going to be fun. Already told him, if you don't like it then find another place to live, because house rules enforced when living under my roof!

This week I am starting it off right, with meals prepared and exercise planned. Can't wait to get under the 160 mark!

Current Weight: 160

Total Loss: 8 lbs

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