Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Feeling Great......

Week 3 and I have been going strong and feeling amazing! Was worried about the 4th weekend and being able to stick to my guns. The chips and dips didn't temp me, because I brought along some carrot sticks and made my Northern White bean hummus for that crunch and dip. Turns out my hummus was a success and ended up being finished off over all the other salsa dips. I am happy to report, I did great and very proud of myself for staying focused and not giving in to temptation. Planning ahead and sticking with it was paid off! Down 1 1/8 this week. As for inches, not much change except for my Arms, a little over an inch made me thrilled.

Current Weight = 161

Total Weightloss = 4 1/4

My Inches away Chart

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City Girl Turns Country said...

Great job on making it thru the holiday weekend with all the temptations. Lucky for me, I did not have any.. our 4th included a 7 mile hike so lots of calories burned there.