Monday, July 5, 2010

Another crazy weekend.....

My husband believes he has a black cloud over his head and lately. I am beginning to think he may be right. Our attempt to get away for a relaxing 4th turned out to be a day that tested our patience and ability to just keep going when life's obstacles get in the way.
You see we left around noon, to drive to Orlando with our boat. About 30 minutes into the trip, the tire blew on the boat trailer. We changed the flat with the spare and got off the highway looking for a tire store. We wanted to get another spar just in case the other tire blew on our journey. About 2 hours later, no one had the tire size we needed in stock. So we decided to drive back home and drop the boat off and head back north to Orlando. Just as we unpack the boat and pack the car, the sky opens up dropping buckets on us. We pile into the car drenched! We are sitting at the red light just outside our development (Drying off), when WHAM!!!!! we are rear ended by a very large RAM truck.

I was afraid to look because when I turned around to see what had hit us and saw that big blue truck I thought my car was not going to luck pretty. Thank god we were not in a small car and my TOYOTA 4 Runner is one tough car! Just some bumper damage and that RAM Truck got the worst of it!

We were beginning to think that maybe a weekend away was not suppose to be! Even the officer at the scene told us that these were signs to stay home. Well the kids were ready and wanted to go, so we took off from the scene to Orlando and arrived 6 hours later. What was suppose to be a 2 1/2 hour drive ended up taking us 6 hours to get there.

So despite our afternoon disasters we had a great time with family and made it home safely!!! Back to work tomorrow and wishing for brighter sky's ahead!

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