Monday, June 21, 2010

Let the Challenge begin.....

You see it all started last week when I received an email from my sister challenging me to a on-line weightloss challenge. See we both have struggled with our weight for ever it seems and as we get older it just isn't as easy to get it off. So since it is always easier with friend support, I decided to give it a try. We decided on the rules and put an award at the end for the one that with the most weight loss. The looser, gets to buy the winner a new outfit for her new body!!!

And the best thing about it is there really isn't any looser, because any loss of weight is a win in my book.

Last night my measurements were taken along with what my husband calls the rubber tire measurement. Let's just say I am no 36 - 26- 36! But who knows I could get close!!!!

Starting Weight 1651/4 (GOAL 145)

Arms 13 1/4
Thigh 25 1/4
Chest 37 3/4
Waist 37 1/2
Hips 43 3/8

Belly(rubber tire) 38 1/8

I leave you sis with this quote!

In order to SUCCEED, your desire for SUCCESS should be greater then your FEAR of Failure!
by Bill Crosby

Good Luck,

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City Girl Turns Country said...

You need to shre your measuerments GF...