Monday, June 28, 2010

Confession of a Nibbler

Week 2 into my 90 day Sister Weightloss challenge and let me tell you it is a challenge. You see temptations are all around me everyday. And I struggle to keep away from them. I just love food and if it is around, hungry or not, I want a taste. That's where the nibbling comes into play. Until my sister pointed it out a couple years back I really never thought about it much. But since her honesty(Thanks sis!), I have been more aware and talk to myself many times to just walk away. Some days better then others! This weekend, the voice in my head just didn't want to listen and I nibbled.

Are you one of those that tend to nibble and don't even realize it? What do you do to avoid the NIBBLE?

I try and not do dishes because I tend to pick at the kids plates. God forbid I let good food go to waste, RIGHT! (At least that is what that little voice tells me!) Now that my daughter can do dishes it becomes some what easier, but she is often not around too to save me from myself all the time. So I need to try and find other creative ways to stop myself. Any suggestions?

Current Weight = 162 1/8
Total Weight Loss = 3 1/8

My Inches Away chart

Well, like always the first thing to go it the boobs. Guess it's my trade off, and with the wonderful bras they have out on the market today, who needs them!

Hey little sis, hope you saw progress this week, like I have. Here's one of my favorite quotes to get us though Week 3.

"Life is not the way it's suppose to be. It is the way it is! The way you deal with it is what makes the difference!" by Virginia Satir

You can apply this to many aspects of life, whether it be weight issues, home, work! Learning to deal makes all the difference!!!!


Marie said...

Yes, I have been a nibbler - (personally I think it is the curse of motherhood.)

To avoid nibbling. . .

1. I stay out of the kitchen as much as possible. It is possible in our house to go everywhere else in the house without going through the kitchen.

2. There is NO food in sight in our kitchen. The cabinet tops are clean and bare. If there is no food in sight - no nibbling.


Farmgirl Paints said...

Hi Christine,
I started writing down everything I ate back in January. It's amazing when you do that how accountable and aware you become. I love to eat too. It's just so good. Very proud of you. Week 2...keep consistent. You can do it!

City Girl Turns Country said...

Great Job SIS.... 3 lbs is awesome. Even thought I saw none, I am not defeated. I know I have a long road and this was just one week in many.