Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week in Review

This week went so fast, that I barely took the time to capture our moments in pictures. The kids had FCAT testing, and I had the week off from homework! All I really remember is work and rest when I got home, in between playing taxi to Dani. Well exciting news is that Vinnie placed in Iron man competition again and is heading to sectionals that is in two weeks. He will be trying to bump up the weights in the next two weeks to ensure placement for State. Today we spent the day at a Antique car show and visited a car museum where this man bought shopping plaza to store all his cars. He only opens it to the public twice a year. When you walk thru the building, it's like being back in the 50's with little shops, drive in theather and the cars all parked at the shops! Really cool! If you love old cars this is the place to see!

See that 2010 Camaro, we came close to taking her home today! Just what we need another toy car...

Since I was checking out all the cars today at the auto show, I didn't take the time to prepare several meals for our week. Check back tomorrow for a new recipe that I will be trying called Lentil Sausage Soup.

Ready for another week?

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