Friday, March 5, 2010

Premature Babies are born fighters

Seventeen years ago, I had a little boy born premature weighing in at 2lb 15 oz. Early in my pregnacy the doctors tried to talk me out of having him, but we took the risk and continued with my pregnacy. At seven months he came and has given us many joys and worries, as do all kids. He was a fighter from day 1 and still continues to stay strong and knows how to get what he wants.

Last night he was in an IRON MAN competition at school and this morning he texted me that he had taken 1st place and was headed to Regionals. We ran to the stores and bought up the newspaper which mentioned him as taking 1st place. His 1st time being mentioned in the newspaper.

From 2 lb baby to young man lifting 300 lbs. I say that's pretty amazing!


Natalie Catherine said...

wow what an amazing story! premies always touch my heart as soon as i saw that photo i was like o my what a sweetie! your blog is lovely! i just came across it!

City Girl Turns Country said...

You brought tears to my eyes or should I say Vinnie did... he has always been a fighter and will always be.. what ever is in his way, he somehow finds a way thru it.... We are so proud.