Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pasta, Passion and Pistols Dinner Party

Have you ever hosted a Murder Mystery dinner party before? Last night I hosted a dinner party that was the scene of a Murder that had taken place a Pepe's Italian restaurant. Pepe's family all came in for the funeral and met up at his restaurant(my house) before his funeral. Everyone acted out one of the family members and friends to try and determine which one of us was actually the one who murdered Pepe. I played Mama Rosa, Pepe's widow. It was lots of fun learning about your character as your part is unveiled by clues and story lines. Everyone enjoyed a beautiful evening of food, wine and friends.

The weather cooperated so I was able to have the dinner outside under.

My table was made up like an Italian restaurant. We had Italian dinner music playing in the background.

This was my menu.

Doesn't this dessert look refreshing. The strawberries are in season and sweeter then ever!

If you have never hosted one of these parties, I highly recommend it. Lots of fun and laughter!!

Now on to my Sunday, week in review. As you can see looks like we didn't do very much this week. Work has been beating me up lately where I haven't even wanted to go to the gym. So the few pounds I did lose, I am sure they are right back where they started, on the hips!!
Glad the week is over, today I did absolutely nothing for a change. Can't handle those late nights and wine like I use to! Before I retire for the night here is our week in review photos!


Brittany said...

I've never heard of one those parties, but it sounds like so much fun!! Did you create it on your own or find the information somewhere?

Thanks for sharing!

City Girl Turns Country said...

Looks like fun and If I know you and I do, you outdid yourself. Wish I was invited....