Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday

This weeks inspiration word is LOVE. What comes to mind when I see this word is the phase ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE! Isn't that a Beatles song? Doesn't that say it all? With love in your life everything seems okay.

When you say you love something, whether it be a flower, favorite movie, song, etc, it's makes you feel good. When someone says they love you it can make you smile and feel special.

Such for such a simple word, why not say it everyday!

What word inspired you this week?


Brittany said...

Faith {did I pick that last time? I can't remember!} Since my dad has been so sick and we haven't be getting a whole lot of answers, it's been difficult. All I know is that if I have faith in God, He will help us get through this hard time.

Love inspiration Wednesday!

Miriam said...

Love what you created for Inspiration Wednesday :)

Thank you too for visiting my blog, great to meet another Picture Spring classmate, can't wait to see
your photos.

Have a great weekend

Rose Marie said...

Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment about my journal. That post was a long time ago. I still jot down events while I'm working on my projects. Looking back through my journal, my notations bring back memories of what was happening during those past years. Many thanks for bringing this back to my attention.