Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inspiration Wednesday

Last year I took a fabric scrapbook class with Donna Downey. At that class, I learned to be free when scrapbooking and using paints. I am not an artist in anyway, but fell in love with the freedom of expression she taught us in that class. It was such a wonderful feeling walking out of that class with a project, that I made by just taking chances and let loose. I painted with what ever I felt at that moment. Donna was an amazing, inspiring artist and I was so thrilled to take her class. I purchased an Art Journal from Donna that night and finally started to break the fear and let go of perfection and just create with what is on my mind at that very moment.

Since Donna has a day called Inspiration Wednesday on her blog where you shows you a page from her Art journal, I decided to get with it and do mine too. After all I bought the journal, start using it.

Here I go.....

Today inspiration word is FUN.

Let me explain. See for some reason, the color Orange has been pulling me in lately. Don't know why but when I see something orange, I want it. Then add a little turquoise, with the orange, oh my! I want it even more! So as you can see, my page started with the Orange, then a little turquoise and wa la my page! LIFE IS TO SHORT TO NOT HAVE FUN!!!!!! Ain't that the truth.

What is your inspiration word for this week?


Brittany said...

Wow! That is awesome!!
I would say my inspiration word for the week is faith. My family dog of 15 years was put down yesterday. It was very difficult for all of us. But I have faith in God that she is in good hands and in a much better place. Thanks for sharing!

City Girl Turns Country said...

That is adorable... I am so proud of you.... I want one for myself.... hint hint...

Christi said...

Good Morning! Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Always nice to meet new friends!

I am one of those that have never tried scrapbooking! As much fun as it looks, I've just never found time for it.

Maybe your site will inspire me to start a new project, huh? :)

Have a GREAT Day!!!

Farmgirl Paints said...

Did you create that?? You ARE an artist. That was bea-u-ti-ful! Seriously I LOVED it.