Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Vinnie runs the 100 meter

What brings me great pleasure is watching my kids in their activities. Today, I never thought I would see my son run as fast as he did. My boy who loves SPORTS made me proud today when I saw him running in his 1st track meet. Growing up he has tried just about every SPORT that he possibly could. He may not be the star member of the team, but just being part of the team makes his motivation and determination when playing so powerful. Let's just say he lives for SPORTS and that is not an understatement!

Here he is running.

Now he stayed strong in the pack in the 100 meter just up until the last half, when he made the mistake of checking to see if anyone was behind him. In the end, he didn't finish last, which surprised him, since last night, he stated that he was probably going to be left in the dust. That was not the case today , so watch out runners, he is determined to get to the finish 1st.

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City Girl Turns Country said...

Oh that is our Vinnie, always determined to be the best.... Will he be the next Olympic athlete??