Saturday, February 13, 2010

This year the north has been getting hit hard with winter storms one after another. I read my fellow bloggers stories and see the pictures of the snow piled up around their home and you know I have never appreciated living in Florida as much as I do this year. The summer may get HOT, but I can always hide indoors away in the A/C. In the winter the cold comes inside and even with the heat or the fire on, there always seems to be a chill in the room. And layers of clothing to much to carry around can't be bothered.
Last night we had our winter storm blow in and it looked like a hurricane coming on. Yeah, the down side we can't go out side and have a snowball fight with our kids or friends. My bright side, I don't have to go out side and water the plants. Here's what it looked like for about 30 minutes as our winter blast comes upon us.

This morning, we wake up to a cool brisk morning, where I only have to wear sweats and a long sleeve shirt. What are you doing this morning, shoveling snow of your drive way so you can get out of the house?

Make it special on this cool brisk day!

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